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Marine Collagen - Unflavored

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For healthy and radiant skin, nails, and stronger joints there is nothing better than our unflavored marine collagen. Pure, natural, collagen in every scoop – with added health benefits that bovine collagen does not have. Made up of smaller protein molecules, which translates to better absorption than other collagen sources. Incorporating Collagen Type I, which may help improve skin health better than other single sources. Marine Collagen is a great alternative to bovine, poultry or porcine for vegetarians, or those seeking an additional source of collagen peptides.

Marine Collagen is an ideal all-natural supplement for improved skin health, while also promoting benefits for muscles, nails, and joints*. The marine collagen present is made up of finer, smaller high-quality peptide molecules for better digestibility and absorption.
• 10g Protein
• 11g Collagen Peptides
• 35 calories, 0 g fat, 0 g carbs, 0 g sugar, Non-GMO
• Pescatarian approved and friendly
• Unflavored
• Easy-To-Use: Hydrolized to mix and dissolve instantly into most recipes and hot and/or cold beverages of your choice.

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