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Naturally thicken, stabilize, and texturize your recipe mixes with NutraCollagen’s Gelatin powder. Tasteless, colorless, odorless, pure, unflavored grass-fed beef gelatin that provides excellent gelling properties without altering the flavor of whatever dessert, drink, or culinary dish that you need thicker, richer, and creamier. KETO and Paleo friendly grass-fed, non-gmo, and rich in high quality collagen protein, low in fat, calories, and sodium. Just one simple ingredient! Versatile 100% GELATIN.

• 8g Premium High-Quality Protein
• Sugar Free
• 30 Calories
• Non GMO
• Dairy Free
• Gluten Free
• KETO and Paleo Friendly
• Excellent gelling properties
• Pure Unflavored
• Purpose: Naturally thicken, stabilize, or texture recipe mixes without altering the taste.

Bovine hide Gelatin

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